I get asked certain questions frequently, so I thought I’d post some answers here.

When will you post the next chapter?

In the earlier days of the story, I was writing on a schedule of one chapter every three weeks. Then real life interfered and several years passed without a chapter. I’m back writing again, but I’m not going to commit to a schedule until I have a better feel of how things are going to go.

Why can’t you post sooner?

I wish I could! I have a full-time job, a family, and a busy life as an amateur singer in addition to AUS.

I know as a reader it can be frustrating to have to wait. But I had no idea how much work it takes to do this until I started writing! And it’s not just the writing - it’s the planning, the research, the music selection, the web site development and management, and the search for illustrations. Oh, and then there’s the editing, the editing, the editing, and the editing! I’ve thought about keeping track of the time I spend, but I decided I’d rather not know.

How many more chapters will the story have?

My best guess is 85-90 chapters total. We’ll see how close that is.

Why does the story have to end with the wedding? Their marriage would be interesting to read about too.

I agree, because while I think they’ll have a wonderful marriage, I don’t think it’ll be all smooth sailing. They’re too strong-willed for that. But a story about their marriage would require a new plot arc and new themes.

Are Charlotte and Collins going to end up together? Please don’t do that to her!

I don’t often answer questions about future events, but in this case I don’t mind. No, Charlotte won’t end up with Collins. She deserves someone better than that.

Originally I had intended to pair him up with Mary, but she’s been such a minor presence in the story that I don’t think it’s worth creating a subplot for her. She’s happy in Seattle, working for Microsoft. Besides, Collins isn’t important enough to the story that his eventual fate matters.

How did you end up with a Russian language version of the story?

In early 2006, some talented women in Russia contacted me, saying that they belonged to an online Colin Firth fan group. A few of them were reading the story, but other members of their group didn’t know English and so couldn’t read it. They asked permission to translate it and post it on their site. I suggested that if they did the translating, I’d do the formatting and web posting. I’ve learned to recognize a few Russian words and names, and I’d like to learn more.

You should try to publish the story!

I used to think that was impossible, given the story’s length; however, a reader named Tara has suggested that I could self-publish in a serialized format, and I’m going to try it after the story is done. But the readers who have stuck with me will get a chance to read the story to the end without having to buy it.

Have you written any other fiction? If so, I’d like to read it.

No, I haven’t. When I was in elementary school I wrote some stories, and in high school I liked writing satirical essays and thought I might want to be a newspaper/magazine columnist, like a modern-day Robert Benchley or a female Dave Barry. Since then, all my writing has been for business or academia - proposals, consulting reports, journal articles, and so on. I was hesitant even to try writing fiction, because I thought my style would be too dry and technical. The story has been an amazing learning experience. I do have some ideas for future work, but I need to finish this first!

Have you lived in San Francisco/New York/Barbados?

Sort of, no, and no. I lived for a year in the Silicon Valley area south of San Francisco (which is where the Bennet family lives), and have also visited San Francisco often. I’ve also been a frequent visitor to New York, but only for short stays. As for Barbados, until 2013 I’d only been there on two day visits in the midst of Caribbean cruises. But I had a chance to spend 2 1/2 weeks there in September, 2013, house (and cat) sitting for a friend. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In all three of these areas, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting specific story locations—though sometimes not till after I’ve written about them. Many of the location photos in the story are my own; others were contributed by readers who lived in or visited the areas I wrote about.

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