Many readers want to purchase some of the music from AUS. Footnotes, with links to iTunes or Youtube where available, are at the end of each chapter; in addition, I have collected a playlist here including all "performances" by either William or Elizabeth. I do not receive any sort of referral fee or commission from any of the sites mentioned. The information is provided solely to assist you if you wish to purchase some of the music.

Classical and jazz music

Most of the classical and jazz selections listed below are available as downloads on iTunes, and as CDs on Amazon and other major sites selling CDs.

Christiane Noll’s music

Only a few of her recordings are available for download on iTunes. Some of her older CDs are out of print and the used CD sellers often charge a premium for her stuff. New copies of the CDs featured in the story were available on Amazon when I started writing AUS, but I think we bought them right out of print!

You can also buy some of her CDs on her website ( and on I've never ordered from either of these sources so this is not a recommendation, and I can't comment on doing business with them. I just know that they list her CDs at reasonable prices.

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